“Take 5 to Inspire” Podcast

Welcome to our “Take 5 to Inspire” podcast. 

Our “Take 5 to Inspire” podcast focuses on either 5 minutes, 5 tips, 5 ingredients to inspire you. We pray that you are encouraged and blessed with our “Take 5” messages.



Here is our “Take 5” message for 9.4.2017 with 5 tips on how to cope with loss and grief. Be blessed.

Coping with Loss and Grief



Here is our “Take 5 to Inspire” for 1.23.2017 with tips on how to support the lonely in your neighborhood. Be blessed.

Reaching out to the lonely.




Our first “Take 5” message for 2017 is a message of hope. Peace and abundant blessings to you and yours this new year.