“Take 5 to Inspire” Podcast

Welcome to our “Take 5 to Inspire” podcast.

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Our “Take 5 to Inspire” podcast focuses on either 5 minutes, 5 tips, 5 ingredients to inspire you. We pray you are encouraged and blessed with our “Take 5” messages.


Take 5 self-care practices to combat compassion fatigue. Create your own personalized “self-compassion” tool kit.

Combat Compassion Fatigue



Guided Lectio Meditation of “The Storm”

Are you experiencing anxiety?

“Take 5” steps to calm scattered anxious thoughts.

Join us for a guided  “Divine Reading / Holy Listening” Lectio meditation of Matthew 8:23-27.


“Take 5 to inspire” through a guided “Divine Reading and Holy Listening ” meditation of Matthew 6:25-34; “Don’t Worry.” Enrich spiritual development & faith formation by reflecting and resting in the Word of God. (5/14/20)

Don’t Worry –  Matthew 6:25-34




“Take 5 to inspire” coping tips during the Corona Virus pandemic. We hope you are inspired to reflect and reset with these 5R’s: reinvent, regulate, reconnect, recharge, rejoice. (5/5/2020)

Coping Tips during the Corona Virus Pandemic



“Take 5 to inspire” tips to improve  Emotional Intelligence for Effective Ministry

Enjoy the audio version of the article Emotional Intelligence for Effective Ministry by Lori Ciccarelli Stotko, MPS published in Ministry Magazine March 2020. 

Take 5 ingredients” for more effective ministry: 

Self Awareness ♦ Self Regulation ♦

Motivation ♦  Empathy ♦ Social Skills


“Take 5 to inspire” tips for snow travel told from the tragic loss of a father.

(This is how Lori & her hubby met as she was on Search and Rescue)

Tips for Snow Travel Safety



“Take 5  to inspire” tips to cope with loss and grief. 

Coping with Loss and Grief



“Take 5 to inspire” tips to support the lonely in your neighborhood. 

Supporting the Lonely


Our first “Take 5 to inspire”  – a message of hope. Peace and abundant blessings to you and yours this new year (2017). 

A Message of Hope