Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is the practice of accompanying others on their spiritual journey; to come alongside. Spiritual Directors are spiritual companions to help navigate and support; coaching and guiding others to attune to the presence of God. As a Christian Spiritual Director, Lori Ciccarelli Stotko, MPS, teaches practices based on the Bible and the teachings of Jesus – to attune to the presence of God becoming more Christ-like through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Following are questions to contemplate as you prepare to meet with a Spiritual Director:

How have you experienced God? How did it impact you? What insights did you experience?

What is your prayer life like? Who taught you to pray? Has it been constant? Has your prayer life grown? Who does the talking and who does the listening? How do you respond? How does God respond?

What has the development of your relationship with God been throughout your life? Where do you see God? Do you reflect during the day? How do you feel God’s presence?

When making decisions, do you ask for Godly revelation, discernment, and wisdom; and wait for God’s direction?

If you desire a deeper intimacy with God, to learn how to notice and respond to God by recognizing His presence in your life, contact us at lori.ciccstotko@gmail.com.