Myself, My Responsibility – tools to self-advocate

“The importance of teaching self-advocacy as a life skill has proven valuable over the years raising a child with special needs,” says author Lori Ciccarelli Stotko, MPS, and mother to 29-year old JJ on the autism spectrum. She has teamed up with her son as the illustrator to share life experiences and fun activities to overcome challenges for best possible outcomes.

This workbook is interactive for all ages and abilities to inspire and encourage self-advocacy. The author, a former elementary school teacher and board member for the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, maps out a simple 4-step process she created to help her son apply his gifts and strengths to overcome challenges while communicating special needs effectively and respectfully.

JJ completed college as a student advocate helping others with special needs. He graduated from Point Loma University with his bachelor’s degree in graphic design with a concentration in illustration. Lori earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communications, master’s degree in leadership and certification in spiritual direction, formation and leadership.

Myself, My Responsibility” received award-winning designation in the Children’s Educational category of the 2019 International book Awards and is available on Amazon.

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Myself, My Responsibility!

“I loved this book and found it very helpful. It was very basic and easy to follow.”


“A very useful tool, it helped simply breakdown self-advocacy. The illustrations by JJ are amazing and give a perfect depiction on what he is describing. This tool is great to teach children early that we all have different skills and how we can communicate those skills to everyone successfully. Thank you Lori & JJ for advocating for so many people and sharing through your experiences.”


“What a beautiful, simple, and succinct action plan that can be used by all of us. Crucial life skills presented simply makes this book accessible and desirable for everyone from kids to teens to small groups to the most sophisticated thinkers out there!! Strengths-based workbook for all of us!”


“The 4-step plan is simple and acts like a road map. This book is effective practical, uplifting and inspiring, a guide that will surely improve the lives  of countless others.”


“This book is very well written and easy to follow!”