Leadership & Personal Development

We are all effective leaders when we develop a lifestyle of values-based leadership. It doesn’t take a tile of authority; we are leaders in our circles of influence from our personal lives to our professional roles. The following workshops, classes, and retreats are available upon request:

  1. Developing Emotional Intelligence – Self Awareness, Motivation, Empathy, Self Regulation, Social Skills.
  2. Developing Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence – a Kingdom perspective. Transformation from the head (beliefs) to the heart (passion) to the hands (purpose). God’s purpose for us is to reflect Him to further His Kingdom. Purpose your passion in God’s Kingdom by taking on a Kingdom perspective.
  3. Values-based Leadership: Mission / Values Development and Integration; a culture shift. Purpose Development / Renewal. Transformative Leadership.
  4. The Importance of Internal Customer Service – the way we treat each other spills over into our customer care!
  5. Burnout & Compassion Fatigue – Caring for Your Soul; Declutter and Recharge. We need to develop from the inside out as our soul overflows into all we do. Transformational!!
  6. Leadership Development coaching available.
  7. Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Bias through Emotional Intelligence Development is a 3-hour class designed for all levels of professions and education. For those wanting a deeper spiritual understanding, this 3-hour class is also available as a 1-day spiritual renewal retreat. Excerpts are taken from JJ’s Journey documentary highlighting intolerance issues.
  8. Strengthen Your Self-Advocacy Skills

Creator and Instructor

 Lori Ciccarelli Stotko, MPS


We recently invited Lori Ciccarelli Stotko to be the featured speaker at our women’s spring tea, and I have to say our women’s ministry team was so happy and impressed with Lori’s preparation, adherence to our theme, and passionate delivery of her message! Her deep love of God and His word absolutely shines through everything she says and does. Not only would I invite Lori back to speak at more events for our church, I have already recommended her to other churches in our area. This woman is a gem! Paula Friedrichsen, Director of Women’s Ministries, Church on the Mountain 


I have had the great pleasure of working with and participating in multiple educational sessions presented by Lori. She is an amazing speaker who has the ability to captivate, inspire and encourage the audience to share the passion she has for the topics she presents. She is compassionate, caring, holistic and she brings such a broad spectrum of experiences to her audience. She is a fantastic leader and has many attributes that emerging leaders are drawn to. 

– Theresa Dessert, RN, BSN; Nurse Educator


Everyone, regardless of the leadership context, will benefit from Lori’s teaching on emotional and spiritual development of leaders. She has done a master-full job of weaving the best from psychosocial-spiritual academic research with down-to-earth story narratives from her own and others’ redemptive journeys to illustrate just what transformational leadership looks like in our culture today for tomorrow.

Rev. Dr. Russell R. Veenker, BCPC; Co-Founder, Mountain Learning Center Pastor Retreat 


Lori Ciccarelli has been a colleague for many years, and I have had the awesome opportunity to see her grow in leadership and to watch her spiritual transformation.  She is the foundational teacher for Mammoth Hospital’s Emerging Leader program and her students always walk away with a deeper understanding of self and what leadership truly means.  Lori’s spiritual transformation and growth is so full that it has spilled over into retreats where she brings forth spiritual intelligence to evoke people  to walk deeper.  Lori is always striving to bring the best out of people.  Having the opportunity to attend  Developing Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence has helped me in my growth both professionally and spiritually. Lori Bengochia, HR Generalist


I had the pleasure of having Lori as one of my coaches in the Southern Mono Healthcare District ‘Emerging Leader Program.’ Lori is very passionately engaged in her work and I enjoyed her guidance.  The creative and caring approach in her teaching method is one I will never forget.

– John Graves, Safety / Disaster Preparedness Coordinator


When Lori came to present a day-long workshop for healthcare professionals, we were blessed.  Her intelligent passion for people is grounded in spiritual maturity that has been thoroughly tested by her life’s journey.  Her presentations are interesting, evidence-based, and practical.  Most of all, they are inspiring.

– Gerald R Winslow, PhD, Loma Linda University Health – VP, Mission and Culture; Director, Institute for Health Policy and Leadership


I loved Lori’s workshop. It was very well presented, very informative  and I found the tools she provided to be very useful in everyday life.  Lori is an excellent presenter. Nelida Garcia, Medical Interpreter