Compassion Fatigue Overview

Are you emotionally and spiritually bankrupt? Physically exhausted? Suffering from burnout? Our workshop on Compassion Fatigue – How to develop effective self-care practices” will help you learn how to thrive with an internal calm when the external world seems chaotic. We will take you on a self-discovery journey to cultivate resilience and nurture self compassion

Burnout compounds over time and can manifest into chronic illnesses. It is imperative to have a preventative plan in place. We will explore 5 areas of self-care with practical tools to help you develop a lifestyle of self compassion and how to put that plan into place during your busy days / months. This workshop is based around hands-on activities of self-discovery to help uncover areas in your life that need to be addressed. You will create your own personalized tool kit with research-based tips and techniques focused on:  1) Physical Self-care, 2) Mental Self-care, 3) Emotional Self-care, 4) Spiritual Self-care, 5) Social Self-care. Each workshop is designed around the data and stats specific to the participants’ professional and personal lives.