Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Bias through Emotional Intelligence Development

Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Bias through Emotional Intelligence Development


To understand the importance and value of diversity in the workplace.

To become conscious of unconscious biases through emotional intelligence development.

 To create a sustainable culture where diversity is embraced and celebrated.

What is unconscious bias?

  1. Definition
  2. Personal Story – JJ’s story
  3. Activity – We are alike, we are different.
  4. Film clips – JJ’s Journey Documentary

Unconscious Bias Awareness Integration – Organization’s Mission / Core Values / Guided Principles 

Integrating “Emotional Intelligence” – Definition of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Self Competence & Social Competence.

  1. Five ingredients of EQ: awareness, motivation / intentions, empathy, self-regulation, social skills / interpersonal skills.
  2. Leadership: Manager vs Leadership Competencies.
  3. Becoming Conscious – Applying EQ “five ingredients” practical tips.
    1. Awareness – Raised awareness
      1. Self awareness / self examination
      2. Business / workplace awareness
        1. Creating a culture of sustainable change.
    2. Motivation / Intentions – Understanding intentions and the importance of diversity.
      1. Necessary / safety bias vs hurtful / hateful.
      2. Neuroplasticity of the brain. Becoming intentional.
    3. Empathy
      1. Our perceptions and the profound effects on others.
      2. Perspective taking – putting on the lens of others.
        1. EQ practical tools – Empathy Glasses activity; taking on others’ perspective and becoming intentional with behavior choices.
    4. Self-Regulation / Self control
    5. Social Skills / interpersonal skills / connectivity / relationships
      1. Compassionate Communications
        1. Communication activity
        2. Empathetic listening
        3. Reflective listening
        4. Conflict Resolution
        5. Generational IQ
        6. Collaboration / Team Capabilities

Closing discussion /Summary

What will you do?

  1. SMART goals
    1. Individual
    2. Business
    3. Discussion: shared insights / goals
  2. To learn more about JJ’s Journey

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Unconscious Bias workshop at the USFS/BLM GROW conference in 2018. I think it is a good idea to take time out to examine your own mind set, the bias you feel in certain situations, without being self-aware that you actually feel that way. It made me aware of certain factors that I know influence my bias and will prompt me to look at the wider picture by being more open minded,” Debra Watt