Areas of Advocacy


  • Advocacy for Special Needs / Developmental Disabilities. Self Advocacy Development. Read Lori’s special education blog. Also visit JJ’s Journey
  • Special Needs Ministry development and presentations.
  • Leadership Development. Character Development. Personal Development. Mission/values integration. Customer Service Training. Public presentations, sermons, workshops and classes available.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence Workshops / Classes – transformational leadership.
  • Contemplative Spiritual Retreats focused on reflection, restoration, and renewal. Develop Christian spiritual formation supported by biblical scripture modeled after Christ’s ministry of relationship – communion with His Father and community with His disciples. Experience intimacy attuning to God’s presence; abiding.  This renewal retreat is for everyone looking to enrich their spiritual journey; those who attend church and those who do not. This ministry is  not about religion, but about relationship focused on a daily journey with God. Transformation from the head (beliefs) to the heart (relationship).
  • Clergy / Pastoral Care – Reflection, Restoration, Renewal Retreats. Christian spiritual formation development; mission/vision integration; purpose renewal; attuning to God’s presence. Transformational Leadership. Spiritual refreshment & reconnecting to “calling.” All church / ministry leaders are welcome.
  • One-on-one Spiritual Direction / Coaching / Christian formation development/ advocacy; Christian character development; purpose development & renewal; mission / values integration.
  • Transitions – moving forward. Are you transitioning in life due to loss or change? Every ending has a new beginning. We will help guide you with redefining to keep you moving forward on your life journey. Purpose renewal. Grief counseling available.
  • Emotional & Spiritual IQ Development – A Journey of Transformation. In this workshop, experience the integration of Christian spiritual formation practices, social competence exercises, mission / values integration and leadership development tools supported by biblical scripture and spiritual practices modeled after Christ’s ministry of relationship – communion with His Father and community with His disciples. Abiding. Attendees leave with curriculum designed to support and encourage continuous Christian character & professional development as the journey of spiritual transformation is not a one-time event, but a daily walk, a process, a life style.
  • Soul Care Ministry
  • Christian Meditations – enjoy video meditations