Areas of Advocacy/Ministry

Sermons, presentations, publications, workshops, retreats and one-on-one counseling available upon request.spiritual-path

  • Advocacy – Special needs advocate. Coach / mentor parents and professionals. Training  and classes on intolerance / unconscious bias. Self advocate development coaching available. Read Lori’s special education blog. Also visit JJ’s Journey Documentary Film. Coming soon in 2018 – “Myself, My Responsibility” book published on self-advocacy tips.
  • Transitions – Are you transitioning in life due to loss or change? We will help you redefine life guiding you to keep moving forward on your journey; purpose renewal. Every ending has a new beginning. Grief counseling available.
  • Special Needs Ministry. Coach and mentor church leadership with ministry development for special needs. Sermons and presentations available upon request.
  • Leadership Development Specialist. Leadership topics include: Transformative leadership and character development,  mission/values integration, developing emotional and spiritual intelligence, servant leadership, self care / soul care.  Public presentations, sermons, workshops / retreats and one-on-one coaching available upon request.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence. Transformative leadership and character development guided through the five elements of emotional intelligence. Includes mission/values integration.
  • Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Development – A Journey of Transformation. In this retreat, participants will enhance Emotional Intelligence with a deeper awareness – Spiritual Intelligence. Experience the integration of Christian spiritual life-skills practices, social competence exercises, mission / values integration and leadership development tools supported by biblical scripture modeled after the teachings of Christ. Attendees leave with curriculum designed to support and encourage continued Christian character & leadership development, spiritual life skills practices, and mission / values integration.
  • Spiritual Renewal Retreats. “Come to the Well” Refresh – Restore – Renew. Are you emotionally and spiritually bankrupt? Physically exhausted? This renewal retreat of refreshment is for everyone looking to enrich their spiritual journey by attuning to the presence of God.  
  • Transformative Church Leadership 2-Day Retreat. Develop healthy church leaders through “Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence for the Church, Clergy Care / Soul Care, Transformative Ministries Development.” In this retreat, participants purpose their passion in the church through mission / values integration reflecting Christ to further His Kingdom. Attendees leave with curriculum designed to support and encourage continued Christian character & leadership development, spiritual life skills development, servant leadership development, and mission/values integration.
  • Clergy / Pastoral Care – “Reflect – Restore – Renew” Retreats. Spiritual refreshment & reconnecting to “call” by attuning to the presence of God. Servant leadership renewal. Purpose renewal with transformative leadership and ministry development, mission / values integration reflecting Christ to further His Kingdom.  Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence training. All church and ministry leaders are invited. Scholarships available
  • One-on-one Spiritual Direction / Coaching  Christian Spiritual Guide. Christian Formation and Character Development. Purpose development & renewal. Spiritual life skills development. Mission / values integration. Advocacy.
  • Soul Care and Spiritual Care Ministry addressing soul health, soul wounds, soul care.
  • Christian Meditations – enjoy video meditations